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Technology Solutions

We are innovation driven. An in-house development capability means bespoke development is possible. We have proprietary as well as off-the-shelf technology options. Our technology solutions focus on content management and playback (audio and video), interactive experiences, consumer data/analytics and digital sales tools. A thorough testing protocol means reliability is assured. With integration as a central tenant, your investment is future-proofed, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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Music Programming & Licensing

Having the ‘right’ music for your habitat requires more than just smart music programs. A methodology that considers the desired atmosphere, brand/product position, your audience profile and even how you want staff to be perceived are all important considerations. Our music programming team live, breathe and love music and work with you to deliver a superior music solution. We get background music right.

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Content Creation

Our content team works closely with our technology team to provide unique, interactive content solutions as well as traditional content; we engage eye balls for longer through creative animation and digital signage while our recording studio delivers attention grabbing audio messages. Here are some samples of work we’ve created for clients.

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Network Management

For multi-outlet operations, up-time is critical and ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time equally so. We have dedicated client servers with on-site media players that provide capacity to monitor your entire network. And when changes need to be made or assistance is needed our customer support team are on hand to help.

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If you’re confused by music licensing or concerned about rising costs, we can help.  Strong relationships with major record companies and collection agencies combined with utilisation of creative licensing models and superior music profiling delivers cost effective music programs.

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Music Branding

How well have you defined the personality of your brand? What does it look, feel, taste and SOUND like? Does it stand out from the competitors? If your brand was a famous celebrity, who would it be and what music would that person listen to?

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Research and Analytics

We understand that big decisions are hard to make and the ability to accurately predict outcomes equals success. Our research methodology is the basis of our client’s confident decisions and helps ensure a positive ROI. From data capture to insights and insights to action, we work closely with our clients to identify knowledge gaps and interpret data into meaningful information.

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Customer Support

We’re motivated to keep you happy! Once we’ve got the right solution in place our customer support team have got you covered. From field technicians to our call desk, we have experts on hand to ensure your system is performing the way it was intended.

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The rapid shift to high definition visuals requires a detailed understanding of supporting technology. Detailed technical specifications combined with an experienced national technical installations capability ensures we create sophisticated digital Habitats.

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