Understanding licensing requirements can be difficult. Habitat Digital has the expertise to ensure you’ve got the right licenses and that you’re not paying too much.

We have strong relationships with major record companies and collection agencies. This, combined with utilisation of creative licensing models and superior music profiling delivers cost effective music programs.

If your business is in hospitality and looking to greatly reduce your PPCA fees without compromising the quality of your music offering, then consider Go Platinum from Habitat Digital.

Go Platinum is Habitat Digital’s public performance license and is offered exclusively to Habitat’s customers.  It can save your business thousands.

For example, the annual fee for the average licensed café/restaurant is $3789. With the Go Platinum, your business will save well over $3000! That’s more than enough savings to cover the cost of the music service.

For more information on our licensing fees and structures let’s have a chat.

Our PPCA-free music license for food service




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