Background Music

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Having the ‘right’ music for your habitat requires more than music programs. Habitat Digital is the only background music company that combines smart programming (via AMPS) and Intelibeats; our analytics platform that learns what music is best for your business and can help drive profit. Combining technology with a sophisticated music library and resource that has been ‘in the game’ for 20 years can help your business get the competitive edge.

AMPS (“Advanced Music Profiling System”) is a fun, yet extremely effective way to get the music program right. Curious? Get started today.

Our dedicated music department is highly experienced in developing curated audio programs for Australian businesses including Woolworths, Target, The Good Guys, Hogs Breath, Crinitis and many others. . Our core product/services include:

1/. Music program curation.  We create dedicated customer ‘radio’ channels that bring brands to life, engage customers while creating the right atmosphere in your habitat

2/. Studio. For messaging we provide scripting, recording, voice over talent and production services. We also create unique sounds and ID’s to compliment the music program

3/. Audio playback/CMS systems that enable precise scheduling and dynamic audio. Years of experience has taught us the best systems is a media player on site, managed through a central portal.

4/. Music licensing. Licensing can be confusing and costly, so let us take care of it for you. We provide advice as part of our service and we can manage the relationship with APRA/PPCA on your behalf (see licensing details here:

A passion for music and a desire to be at the forefront of technology is in our DNA. It helps our clients differentiate their brand and stay one step ahead of the competition. Let’s take the journey together.

We have different libraries to suit different applications:

Premium Library

Our team has sourced music from across the globe from thousands of record labels. This is an extensive library for discerning customers with eclectic tastes. The library is both diverse and deep.

Gold Library

This library will suit most businesses and contains familiar music.


With rising licensing costs within many retail sectors, it makes sense to have music alternatives that negate the need for a PPCA license while still having a familiar sound. For those occasions, our Sound-a-like library is ideal.

Go Platinum Library

This library will suit customer’s that wish to reduce their licensing fees while still remaining authentic.

Music Videos

Music Videos are an ideal media format to engage audience eyeballs. In situations where you are looking to attract attention to screens, reduce perceive waiting time, enhance your brand image or influence the mood of your customer, Habitat can carefully craft a music offer to achieve all these objectives.

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