Links Leisure Centres enhance the gym

Links use music, video and gaze tracking to help members achieve greater fitness.


Links has a diverse clientele requiring different music and video for the various segments. The underlying objective is to increase exercise duration and effort which, in turn, drives greater results.


We installed:

  • Gaze tracking technology to determine if there were demographic changes throughout the day so that media could playback accordingly.
  • The same technology measured the effectiveness of various media by demographic.
  • This then led to development of video and music playlists structured by demographics so that music/video could be scheduled accordingly.
  • 2 channel Media Impact Media player that played music videos on one channel, plus motivational quotes/images and extreme sports videos on the second channel.
  • An RF modulator enabled staff to select the relevant channel for the screens that were positioned in front of the exercise equipment.

A “silent” custom Links radio station that could be listened to on smart phones, provided a second music option. The music content on the station targeted a younger demographic.

shoalFish allowed staff to send out live motivational messages to the screens.


An increase in exercise duration was achieved and the media was adjusted based on findings from the gaze tracking data. The second channel of music gave customers a choice of music to listen to.