Angus & Coote Brand Strategy

Due to Angus & Coote’s brand refresh strategy, background music seen as the perfect medium for the revitalisation . To achieve this, A&C’s parent company company chose Habitat Digital as its background music and technology partner.

What we did

To curate the right music program above all else it was important that music repositioned the brand to a new audience.  Furthermore it had to keep staff motivated and reflect the atmosphere and product. We worked closely with marketing to achieve this and also engaged store staff in the briefing process. The most powerful background music system available delivers the music program. Perhaps the most interesting element of this roll out was that we gave A&C the necessary tools to self-install; a combination of easy-to-follow instructions and informed phone support got the job done with finesse. As part of the service, we also take care of all public performance music licensing.

Our approach to music program is unique and gets results. We make better background music programs and that is, in part due to our approach

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