Oche Fortitude Valley Background Music

The concept

Oche originates from Norway and has just opened in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

We love the Oche concept because it breathes new life into an age-old sport.

Furthermore, it encourages patrons to put down the phone. In doing so, it brings fun back into socialising at ‘the pub’.

The Background Music Brief

The music brief was tight and somewhat of a challenge!  This is because there is competing themes of old and new.

More specifically, the building is heritage listed but the fit-out is contemporary and darts is a traditional sport but it has had a contemporary update.

Furthermore, our programming team factored staff, customers and the desired atmosphere.

The result was we defined a ‘sweet spot’ and reflected it in the choice of genres, era of music versus the time of day.

About Habitat Digital

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Engaging experiences

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Curated atmosphere and background music

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We work with your marketing and operations team along with third parties such as designers, shopfitters and builders to ensure the atmosphere is ideal and the technology blueprint supportive of your business objectives.

This chart provides insight to our process for getting background music right.

About Oche

Pronounced Ockey

We’ve picked up one of the oldest bar sports in the world, and thrown it, headfirst into the 21st century.

Modern darts bring people together in an unrivalled fashion, whether you’re a veteran of the flight or a brand new chucker, everyone has a chance to win.

Experience a host of multi-player games that are easy to play, super addictive and inclusive like no other.

Your total experience is taken care of at Oche. The kitchen sets you up with delicious sharing platters and mouth-watering pizza boards, whilst over at the bar, a giant selection of craft beers and house-made cocktails awaits.

Experience the future of darts as you step up to the Oche.

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