Goldmark background music

Goldmark background music is provided by Habitat Digital. Because Goldmark has been in the process of reviving the brand.,The company chose Habitat Digital as its background music and technology partner. We worked closely with the marketing team to curate a music program that  repositioned to a new audience while reflecting the brand personality and keep staff motivated. 

Background Music Program

The most powerful background music system available, delivers the music program. Perhaps the most interesting element of this roll out was that we gave Goldmark the necessary tools to self-install; a combination of easy-to-follow instructions and informed phone support got the job done with finesse. As part of the service, we also take care of all public performance music licensing. Interestingly, we run this client offline.


From a service perspective, this means the client relies heavily on our phone support system. Typically our clients are online so we proactively monitor a network of media players plus send schedule and content updates via the Internet. Updates for offline clients happen via the client’s intranet and USB. We have also produced animations


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