Curated music atmosphere with video: Goobne

Habitat Digital curated a unique music atmosphere with video at Goobne, Darling Harbour.

Because of the unique 8-screen asymmetrical video wall bespoke visual content is required. Most importantly the visual content is supported by a K-Pop soundtrack.

Because of this we worked closely with the client on content strategy.  We grouped screens into zones and developed key communication objectives for each zone.

Furthermore, we created animations and integrated them with existing videos and food imagery.

The background music is an integral part of the experience. A K-pop soundtrack featuring music videos and karaoke reinforces authenticity.


Because of the uniqueness of this installation, the surrounding environment was very important. Subsequently, selection of the content factored the entire space.

The monitors are mounted in an open frame at the entrance of the restaurant. There are large gaps between the screens which means content has to be carefully considered or produced.  What is occurring ‘between the gaps’ has to be factored.

The ambient content fills the canvas and this assists in visualising the  total image. Importantly, content switches between treating the video wall as a single canvas and as 8 distinct screens. The screens are various sizes and oriented both in landscape and portrait. 

The Challenge

Perhaps the greatest challenge of this project was budget. Therefore we delivered the solution with very lean hardware and software cost.

Furthermore, we built a custom media player with mid-range graphics card capable of delivering 4K content. Additionally, we used appropriate hardware/software to map the screens.

Finally, we created a design template. The template is used by our creative team to position the XY coordinates of the various logos. Given that Goobne is a new brand in the Australian market, we focused on brand reinforcement. 

All content pieces factor the brand personality.


Check out the Habitat Digital Sharknado animation created specifically for one of Goobne’s wacky cocktails.

If you’re interested in Goobne, check out its Facebook page or website at  Goobne Chicken

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