Criniti’s Restaurants Digital Signage

Restaurants Digital Signage is an important component of any modern eatery. We’re proud to be associated with Criniti’s restaurants. Most importantly the business understands the benefit of creating meaningful experiences for its customers through food, atmosphere, video, and of course music. 


The Criniti’s difference

Firstly, the restaurant fit-out is quintessential Italian, which of course complements the extensive food menu.

The founder’s love affair with Ferrari, motorbikes and ornate gold picture framing and details embellish the warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Digital Signage with a difference

Most noteworthy, the monitors are set in gold picture frames and blend in with other framed pictures and curios such as car parts, vintage advertising posters, authentic Italian cooking instruments and more. 

The background music tracks are a reflection of the founders’ eclectic tastes.

The background music database receives updates once a month within the specified brief and we can also curate the list to include individual requests by the management. 


The Habitat digital signage setup

The digital signage setup at Criniti’s varies according to the venue, but at the larger ones, it usually includes a portrait screen at the entrance with a video and promo slide option. 

If desired, the ‘window card’ can be flipped to a landscape orientation and feeds adjusted accordingly.

There are two or more screens in the dining are with feeds containing branding videos as well as promotional slides which can be removed at will to coincide with promotion dates such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

We have also facilitated matters to screen free-to-air events from the internet such as the Melbourne Cup. We also include the option to stream these feeds to the restrooms.

We also have a kitchen feed where individual slides on rotation with recipes for signature ingredients make things just that little bit easier for the chefs. 

Habitat Digital works with many hospitality clients including the largest casual dining franchise, Hogs for many years and more recently Goobne.

Do you want a perfectly curated atmosphere to suit your venue? We can help your business. Get in touch or call us on tel: +61 (130) 567-8912


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