Sennheiser flight 3D Animation

The Sennheiser flight 3D animation is my favourite content piece. It is a content piece of the interactive experience. It demonstrates the Extended battery life feature of the headphones in an interesting, engaging and relevant way. We worked out that you could fly to Sennheiser’s head office in Germany from Sydney with a couple of stopovers on a single charge. So we created a 3D animation depicting the flight.

How we did it

We commissioned a 3D expert with aviation expertise to create the piece and Beau Galland did a great job.The audio production includes some cabin relevant sound effects that highlight the audio quality of the headphones and keep the customer engaged.

Fun Fact

Here’s A fun fact. James freeman who did the audio engineering for this project is a legend of production in the Australian music industry working with the likes of The Black Keys, Olivia Newton John,  Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and Ian Moss.

Check out Sennheiser PXC550 here

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