Springfield Rise Interactive Kiosks

At the Springfield Rise house and land sales office, interactive kiosks are an integral part of the customer experience. We created three different experiences relative to where the customer is in their journey.  self serve kiosk, wayfinding kiosk in the display village and interactive experience for the property management office. There are a few aspects of the self serve interactive experience project that make is a great success.

The Process

First of all, we follow a process to understand the role of technology as it relates to the surrounding physical environment and needs of the sale people. The centre piece is the model and the kiosk that interacts with it. It’s role is to inform the customer a highlight amenity of interest on the model. Admin is accessed via a discrete button (circled in red) and this changes the interface to a staff presenter platform. We also built in a controller for staff to control power to devices and volume of the sound system. The size of the screen means its secondary to the model. In environments that don’t have a model, we typically deploy large flat touch tables and run software platforms that display the local area, masterplan, releases and land for sale.

It complements the outdoor kiosk

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