Digital Signage 2 min intro

Digital Signage: The 2 minute introduction

This is a 2 minute introduction to digital signage.

Choosing the right screen, media player and then populating with content can be a big decision, particularly if you have multiple screens and sites.  The required investment and the costs soon mount up. There are really only two key outcomes that you need from your digital signage strategy. One – the screens are on and two, that the right content is playing. The right content means the communication piece is effective, its reaching the intended target at the right time and place.

Before getting screens for your business, you should have a strategy with communication objectives and a plan that reflects your activity calendar. So whether the screens are used to enhance the atmosphere and evoke an emotional response from your customers, drive incremental sales or enhance your brand, you want to ensure you get a return on investment.  What is the communication objective and where are the dwell points in your business that will help achieve the objectives?

Just a word on Content. Refresh rate of content is determined by the frequency of visit of your most important customers and/or the duration of your promotional activity. Recurring weekly promotions, monthly sales or promotions. It’s important to ensure that the bulk of your signage budget is allocated to content. Most businesses don’t think any further than the cost of the hardware. That paradigm needs to shift. Keeping in mind that motion graphics are the best. If you don’t have in house resource for creating animations, then look into the costs for this. How many messages in the playlist and refresh frequency is the formula? There are online templates that you can tap into for graphic design from apps such as Design Wizard and Canva so if you’ve got the time, creating digital posters can be easily done without design skills. And the quality of Animation for Dummy style of apps is getting better. Check out Animaker for instance. Otherwise, you’ll need to consider the skill level of the resource developing the collateral and managing the content.

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