5 Steps to get music right: Step 1

Get background music right

Step1 – The playback system

The playback system is the platform that hosts your playlist.

The most common consumer playback systems that are used are iTunes and Spotify. iTunes is suitable for multisite businesses. So in this scenario a central resource creates the playlist loads them on iPods that then get sent to the sites. It’s clunky but it works. I know of a large bank that operates this way and they have a licensing consultant take care of the music reproduction costs.

In our experience, Spotify is used regularly in standalone businesses; gyms and bars, it’s a popular application. It is obviously community based too, so there may be playlists that suit but if you believe in your capability of your resident DJ, then you want to be creating your own playlist.   We’ll go into that a bit later.

If you have any questions, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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