New Tech Review: The Digital Table Talker

In this post, we bring you a review of the very latest in hospitality tech: The Digital Table Talker.

For decades, the table talker has been the quintessential promotional device of bistros, restaurants and cafés. With a captive audience for an extended period, it increases transaction value and encourages repeat visitation.

The digital table talker delivers all the benefits of the traditional table talker plus the added benefit of an interactive display screen. So what are the key features? Of course it plays eye catching image and video files on a dual 7 Inch LCD screen. It can rotate. It has Wi-Fi so has the potential for content scheduling and remote management.

Digital Table Talker with inbuilt mobile phone chargers

It has a multi-device fast charging Power Bank for most phones so customers can charge their phones with it. Research has shown that 22% will order at a bar just to use an outlet and charge their phone. In the same survey 86% of people charge their phone up to three times a day to keep up with their usage. 32% will U turn back home if their phone is flat.

This is complimented by a motion radar sensor, so it saves battery and screen life while the screen activates when needed. At 13.5 hours,  the battery life is long and here’s the thing that excites us the most. It is PCAP touch, just like your mobile device.  So you can turn this into an interactive experience. For instance, if you wanted younger patrons to stay longer, put a game on it! Or if you need to track what promotions customers engage with most, it can be done. It’s powered by Android, has 2GB of ram and 16GB of storage.

If you’re an early adopter that wants to get a jump on the competition, consider the digital table talker. The digital table talker is available from Habitat Digital.