PDU Remote Reboot Technology

PDU remote reboot technology is one of the most important failsafes for businesses that use digital content and technology.

Before integrating technology, one of the questions we ask our clients is just how hands on they want to be? Many clients want staff to focus on serving customers and selling.

From time-to-time technology fails and our priority is up-time so when preventative measures haven’t worked, how do we get technology up and running with minimal interruption?

Well its all about having a properly and thoroughly integrated network. One in which from a central location, certain things can be monitored and controlled.

Multi-tiered networking approach

We have a multi-tiered approach to networking. The tiers are:

  • Customer interactivity for example, Wi-Fi networks,
  • Device networking for things like media players and screens
  • And the final tier, power

If you know the power status of the device and you can control that, it will solve most problems. This is the next level up from the tried and tested remedy of rebooting your PC This about controlling the power to the device.

You can’t connect to a device if it’s not on so by having control of the power, its another layer of protection. 

We almost always spec in one of these devices. 

So here’s me in our Sydney office accessing and controlling the power at a site 1000 kms away. Like all our tech, we put it through the rigors; ensuring functionality is future proofed, the tech reliable and it’s the best value for our clients.

For a couple of hundred  bucks, this product gets payback real quick.  

Interested in PDU remote reboot capability?

Are you interested in maximising your uptime without needing to get involved? Contact us for advice on how we can help support you business through PDU remote reboot technology.