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Best in Class:Zagames House

Zagame’s House provides an extraordinary Customer Experience.  I wanted to share the latest initiative from Zagame’s as from a technology deployment perspective there are some great insights. So if you’re involved in complex AV technology deployments  or you’re thinking about it for your business, stay tuned. The Zagame’s name is synonymous with success; whether its casino’s in Vanuatu, luxury vehicles or hotels they are great businesses to reference on the rules for success.

Zagame’s House is a new boutique hotel on Lygon Street in Carlton. both in fittings and technology It oozes sophistication. The client recognised the benefits of having one point of contact that could integrate disparate technology components. Angelo Marasco of Light and Sound Solutions was the right man for the job.  He’s a veteran of the game with a unique career that galvanises the experience of a billion-dollar company in Programmed with the innovative flair of Light and Sound Solutions.  The latter has worked on iconic projects like the Bolte Bridge and Melbourne Star

It’s a partnership approach to technical deployments and the important distinction is the team members work together in the common interest of the client.  The businesses are invested in each other’s businesses so it nurtures a collaborative approach. For Zagame’s House the businesses were Light and Sound Solutions, Eze Stream and Habitat Digital.

The process starts with understanding the desired customer experience and the media to be delivered. Knowing this defines the technology blueprint.  Light and Sounds take care of the AV and control systems,  EzeStream focus on IP TV and licensed movie content to the rooms and Habitat Digital provide content management systems, soundscapes and curated visual content. Too often Design and Construct specifications put technology first, but that approach won’t tell you the optimal pixel pitch on an LED or the spec of the media player required to interact with 3D rendered content. It leads to tech waste and it is a massive cost saving opportunity.

The result for Zagame’s House is impressive. The moment the guest leaves the hustle and bustle of Lygon Street their mood is transformed. This is thanks to the external art on the building sand the Bose Garden and wall speakers in the car park that produce a rich sound. The music is continuous as the guest enters the building, approaches reception and journeys throughout the hotel. Often background music in hotels is recessive but at Zagame’s House it is part of the experience.  How many hotel foyer’s do you know that have sub woofers? Zagame’s House does and guests can feel the music. It’s a soundtrack to be proud of. Habitat curated the music program in line with Robert Zagame’s vision. It reflects the brand, compliments the space and enhances the guest’s experience.

In the fitness centre, where the music is louder. The music suits the occasion while still being true to the Zagame’s brand. The video content is Habitat’s own Gym TV channel that’s tailored for Zagame’s. Engaging content is crucial in gyms as it encourages people to exercise longer  and the longer people exercise the greater the results and of course results is why people go to gyms.

At other gyms, to determine what content is most engaging we use gaze tracking technology and further analytics enable us to determine whether we’re improving exercise duration. The curated channel of gym content includes motivational imagery and quotes as well as up to date news and sports feeds display during the mornings and evenings.  And all of the images are on Zagame’s branded templates; so it connects the emotion of the image with the Zagame’s brand. The content including the music constantly updates which motivates regular guests and keeps the brand contemporary.  Lord Lygon wine bar has a similar soundtrack to the reception and café. Overall the experience at Zagame’s is something that’s a little bit special.  And that is the sweet spot of the Zagame’s House positioning. We’ll share more about Zagame’s in other videos. In the meantime, if you’re travelling to Melbourne and want somewhere special to stay be sure to check out Zagame’s House.

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