5 Steps to get music right Steps 1-5

5 Steps to get music right Steps 1-5

So you think you can DJ? This is a detailed guide for Background music programmers


One of the things we see a lot of in our business is customer’s that want to program their music internally.

And this is not limited to your local pub or restaurant, we’ve seen it in multi-site businesses with 100s of stores. We also work with large agencies and supply to smaller background music operators that don’t necessarily have the infrastructure, capability or licenses to do it by themselves, so this video is for both of those customer types; Venue DJ’s and the boutique BGM suppliers. By the end of this video you’ll be a music programming professional!

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I’m going to kick off with a tip. And that is “Think Long Term”. Think about how you will update music regularly; the system and the member of staff responsible. By system I mean not only the playback system but also the guidelines that the member of staff will follow for music selection and playlist generation. The system you put in place should ensure that the right music is playing at the right time and that requires a good degree of control and discipline from staff. What we’re going to cover today are 5 steps

  1. the music brief,
  2. sourcing music,
  3. building the database and playlist
  4. scheduling the playlists and the
  5. playback system,

a more sophisticated process has additional steps of in integration, analytics and reporting. We’ll cover that off in another video.

20  minutes may seem like a long video but we’re talking about setting up a complex system that is an important aspect of your business, so in the grand scheme of things, its not that long. Nonetheless, we’ve got some shorter options for you.

If you have any questions, get in touch. We’re here to help.

A sample Music program



ITunes Daypart Scheduler

Spotify tool

Playlist builder