Best in Class FTH

Best in Class FTH

Selling house and land from a remote sales office can be challenging; it’s important to make the customer experience immersive and provide tools to assist in visualising the customer’s new community and home. This video is for businesses that are looking to improve the customer experience in their establishments.

A couple of things to note about this sales office. It’s in a busy shopping centre and its competitor is two doors up. So from a tech perspective it is important that after hours we are capturing sales leads. This is made possible by a simple registration form on an outward facing touch screen.  We kept the design of this very simple, enabling the customer to engage with the project renders.

The entrance is inviting and the natural elements compliment the objective of connecting the customer to the national park that is adjacent to the project.  This is further complimented by the soundscape.  Babbling brooks and fauna calls further immerse the customer in the natural settings of the project site. An audio recording from the Dharawal National Park was created.

Furthermore, we layered in additional fauna calls from local birds, careful to ensure that the calls were reflective of the time of day. The fauna calls play in the sales office exactly as they would at the time of day in the park. Obviously the playback system we use has the ability to precisely schedule the recordings and fuse them with a curated soundtrack

There is digital signage as well as self-serve information kiosks. The same kiosks have a staff presenter platform so staff can then project content on to the video walls and provide engaging presentations to prospects. Key to visualisation is a self-guided virtual tour.  A clever virtual experience from V2I was integrated into the self-serve kiosk. It’s a great visualisation tool.

And while these environments can have a lot of tech it’s important to understand the role of technology. So when we’re planning these projects we work closely with the marketing and sales team as well as the interior designs to ensure that human, physical and digital touch points and elements work together seamlessly

If you need help with your business fit out, get in touch, we’re here to help.

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