Soundscape for Background Music Figtree Hill

The key to real estate clients being able to visualise living in a new community is to create an environment that appeals to all their senses, and a curated soundscape is an excellent way to immerse them in the experience.

The Lend Lease Figtree Hill sales office is such an environment and we are proud of the experience we have created.

The challenge of this project was that the sales office is located in a bustling shopping centre far from the project site. It was therefore necessary to simulate life in the new community and recreate the selling points of the development, being peaceful and close to nature.  

Put simply, we had to create an oasis of calm in a busy shopping centre by using sounds created by local Australian wildlife and nature and chillout out music.


Nature sounds and background music

The simulation is achieved through a Virtual Reality experience, while the sales office itself includes many plants and fauna which creates a forest feel.  In addition to providing VR experiences and interactive tools, there is a soundscape for background music that complements the sounds of nature.

Nature sounds from Dharawal National Park in New South Wales were recorded over a 24 hour period. The sounds include the calls of frogs, chirping birds, singing cicadas, and the most soothing of them all; running water.

The recordings were time-stamped with additional fauna calls added in. Unpleasant sounds such as flies on the microphone were removed.



The sound files were then programmed to play at different day-parts to simulate real-life sounds at different times of the day.

The sales office has many real plants so the soundscape truly compliments it. 

It provides a transcendental experience for customers. It’s part of an immersive atmosphere and is complemented by the evocative imagery that includes project videos.


Looking for a soundscape for your habitat?

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