Zagame’s House Curated Content

The curated content and atmosphere at Zagame’s House provide a guest experience unlike any hotel in Australia. From the finely curated music genres playing in different zones and in different time slots, to the rich sounds coming out of the sound system, Zagame’s is a jewel in Melbourne’s crown. 

It was a complex brief, but it was extremely satisfying for Habitat Digital to be part of such an exciting project.


About Zagames

Zagame’s set the standard in the channels they operate within; casino, hotels/hospitality and accommodation venues. Zagame’s House is a brand new boutique hotel on Lygon Street, Carlton.


Curated Content Project Approach

We worked as a team of subject matter experts that ultimately delivered an unparalleled customer experience.

The experience is transformative; From the very first moment when patrons approach the entrance and hear the background music via the outdoor Bose garden and wall speakers.

Most importantly, the curated background music program reflects the positioning of the hotel, it’s a little bit special.

Subwoofers at reception and in the Lord Lygon Wine Bar provides an audio bed that customers can feel. Meanwhile we curated Zagame’s TV; a custom digital signage channel for the gym.

Extreme sports videos, branded inspirational imagery and messages plus up-to-date news and sports feeds play at ‘news times’. Our data analysis shows that this type of content keeps users in the gym for longer, giving them a better workout and a better experience while they are doing it.

All content aims at connecting the patrons positive experience with Zagame’s brand and motivating them to keep on exercising.  

Habitat Digital help many boutique businesses and multi-site operations get the atmosphere right.

Do you want a perfectly curated atmosphere to suit your venue? We can help your business? Get in touch or call us on tel: +61 (130) 567-8912

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