Yarrabilba Outdoor LED and sales office Introduction

Yarrabilba is SE Queensland’s largest residential development project therefore the success of this project was crucial.  Firstly, it involved the installation of an outdoor LED plus installation of digital signage and interactive technology at Yarrabilba. 

Project management

Most noteworthy was Habitat Digital’s management of  the entire project. This included design, procurement, installation and support. With a heightened risk of vandalism and electrical storms the LED structure was critical.  Above all else, the most challenging element of this project was its design. For their expert engineering services we engaged  TMC Building Design to design the structure.

Structure Design

The roller shutter is programmed to shut at night, protecting the LED screen. While security doors on the rear prevent unwanted access at the rear of the screen. The screen is complimented with a powerful Bose sound system and the screen plays marketing material. Another use is movie nights. The air-conditioned equipment cabinet is outdoors and the whole unit is controlled from a tablet.  Furthermore, the sales office is fitted with many screens, this comprising of two, four by two video walls, back to back portrait displays plus touch screens on the model and staff presenter tablets. The new sales office can be seen here

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