Real Estate Digital Signage – Calderwood

Real estate digital signage is a great way to share information with clients by projecting it onto video walls as part of an interactive experience.

Remember the movie Minority Report where Tom Cruise gathers data and throws it up onto screens with his hand?

We’re not quite there yet in terms of technology, but that is the kind of interactive real estate digital signage experience we created for the Lend Lease Calderwood Valley sales centre.  

Users can select media from the interactive touch screen and throw them up onto the large video wall. They can project maps, images, videos and documents allowing them to visualise living in Calderwood Valley through an immersive and interactive experience.

Interestingly the  experience is both a staff presenter platform and a self-serve kiosk for customer. The Cruiser staff presenter platform was used in this application.


Real Estate Digital Signage hardware setup

The Calderwood sales office interactive touch screen is mounted into custom joinery. We worked closely with the interior fit-out company and joinery makers to provide a ‘cockpit’ where sales personnel and customers alike can drive an immersive, interactive experience.

The hardware sits in a cabinet directly below the touch screen. It is hooked up to the internet so we can offer 24/7 support and update content at the touch of a button through our state of the art content and asset management system.

This allows clients to provide us with new artwork and videos at any time and have them uploaded into the system. It also allows us to schedule targetted messaging on specific days such as Australia Day, National Reconciliation Day and others.



Finally, we produce much of the content for the sales office. Because of this we reconfigure images for display on the UHD video walls and creative such as this 3D animation.

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