Angus & Coote in store music brand strategy

Due to Angus & Coote’s refresh strategy, in store music was seen as the perfect medium for the revitalisation of the brand.

To achieve this goal, A&C’s parent company chose Habitat Digital as its background music and technology partner.


What we did with the in store music

To curate the right instore music program it was important that in store music repositioned the brand to a new audience. 

However, the music streams also needed to keep staff motivated while maintaining a balance to reflect the atmosphere and product.

We worked closely with marketing to achieve these goals and engaged store staff in the briefing process.

The system is driven by the most powerful background music software system available. It allows for different music to be played at different times in the day. For example, softer music for the first two hours of opening and then upping the tempo. 

The streams can also be easily manipulated to play certain music on special days such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

The music system also lets us change the hours during which it plays for times of extended opening such as Seasonal Holidays or End Of Financial Year sales. It also allows us to insert promotional messaging, which can help boost sales.


The rollout

Perhaps the most interesting element of this rollout was that we gave A&C the necessary tools to self-install. The process involved a combination of easy-to-follow instructions and informed phone support to get the job done with finesse.

As part of the service, we also take care of all public performance music licensing.

Our approach to music program is unique and gets results. We make better in store music programs and that is, in part due to how we do it.

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