Customers can experience the future and digital technology through beautiful, eye catching 3D animation themed content on large format LED display screens with a soundscape would be a big part of the customer experience. Eagers Automotive saw an opportunity to improve the new car buying experience; to develop a space where the biggest and best automotive brands are all together & the buying experience is easier, more convenient and comfortable.


Eagers assembled a team that would assist in bringing its ambitious vision to life. Since its inception, Habitat Digital worked closely with Public Design Group (retail brand design), Eagers Automotive, Technically Art (AV design) & CI Group (AV integrators) to create an unparalleled customer experience.

Automall West is an innovative retail concept, a new car showroom inside a shopping centre in Brisbane. The entrance is flanked by opposing 6-metre wide LED displays and four floor to ceiling LED columns greet customers at the entry. To compliment the vehicles, each dealer has an array of display screens ranging from single monitors to video walls and Ford features a 360-degree LED display.

As customers arrive at the rear of the store via the escalator, they encounter the promotional space that highlights the car in focus. Behind the car is an imposing, extra wide 9.6m LED display.


Habitat was entrusted with creating an atmosphere befitting of such an innovative concept. Automall West is not your ordinary car buying experience. This is a space that Queenslanders can be proud of, and we wanted to talk to that pride through stunning visual content that was contextually relevant for SE Queensland and the Automall West brand.

Key to this was having a stereo PA in the forecourt with visuals that complimented the soundscape.

As customers enter the space a nature soundscape of local fauna plays creating a sense of realness. It was designed for the space with different calls coming from left and right channels. It’s unique and relaxing.

A contemporary laidback soundtrack plays in the dealers’ areas. By design, there is audio bleed from the forecourt to the dealership, so the soundscape serves as an audio bed for the music soundtrack.

In the design of the digital signage, we ensured playback across the entire network of LED displays was synchronised. From the entrance, all displays can be seen so it was important the customer experienced a harmonious connection with the space and then transformed as they entered the space.

We have a series of 3D animations themed around Southeast Queensland subtropical. The first of which is a stunning 3D animation of a butterfly, that plays between loops of the dealer content. It’s transformative and compliments the soundscape. The takeover of the screens leaves you with the feeling that visiting Automall is a little bit special.

Our technical support team monitor the entire network and when there is a need for a dealer takeover, we schedule the content accordingly.

Here is the butterfly animation

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