Jamie Oliver’s Digital Menu Boards Gold Coast

The Jamie Oliver’s digital menu boards at their new flagship venue on the Gold Coast are part of a solution provided by Habitat Digital including background music, live promos and content management.

We’re pretty sure you have heard of Jamie Oliver, but in case you haven’t, he’s one of Britain’s most-loved celebrity chefs.

Importantly, Habitat Digital was engaged by The Hallmark Group to design, install, and manage the audiovisual system. The system includes robust and high brightness digital displays that deliver beautifully rich visual content.

The audio system distributes music across the venue at optimum volume to keep customers engaged.

The system also allows the venue to include any audio messages they might want to play, which is especially important during the COVID19 pandemic.

Habitat also curates and delivers the perfect background music for the venue. 


Digital Menu Boards

People queuing up to order pizza at Jamie's Pizzeria

The result is Digital Menu boards that transition at different meal times to the relevant menu. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special promos are covered with a three-screen setup.

Therefore,  the menu suits the time of day.

The screens feature the food menu, drinks, desserts and any hero images to entice diners to try specials or simply something that they would not go for without a visual prompt.


Getting the music right

The music provides the right atmosphere for customers and staff. The music schedule was drafted from an extensive brief provided by the venue which includes beats per minute tempo, genre, familiarity, release year, and other rules.

Our algorithm works out the tracks to be included in the playlist database. But the process does not end there. Our dedicated music programming team then adds the human touch by eliminating songs that do not fit the venue and add others that may have been left out.

The music is also programmed to change according to daypart. Breakfast music, for example, is very different from lunchtime and dinner. A balance also has to be struck between keeping the customers entertained without becoming too repetitive for staff.

Importantly from a customer support perspective, one system delivers the music and signage. We offer remote support, so if you really need to update a slide on the fly, or experience technical difficulties, we can jump in the back end and get it sorted out with minimum fuss and downtime.

We work with many national hospitality brands, including Goobne, Hogs Cafe and KFC.

Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria is a new and exciting restaurant in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. If you haven’t been there already, you should. 


Are digital menu boards a good fit for your business?

We use technology and content to create engaging experiences and curated atmospheres. We provide digital menu board installation and management in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and all over Australia.

We partner with you to understand your brand and business, your customer, and the role that digital technology plays in keeping them positively engaged throughout the journey.

We then provide solutions that complement and/or enhance those experiences. Do you want gorgeous digital menu boards and perfectly curated background music for your venue? We can help your business. Get in touch or call us on tel: +61 (130) 567-8912

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