Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosk at Springfield Rise

First of all, an outdoor wayfinding kiosk helps navigation at Springfield Rise, home to the largest display village in Australia. As a result of conditions that are hot 9 months of the year and terrain that is hilly, finding the shortest route to the destination is important so customers keep exploring and convert into sales.  

Customer Experience

Consequently, to improve the customer experience, we deployed technology to help them understand the layout of Springfield Rise display village so they can get from point A to point B with minimal effort.

Furthermore, we provide an interactive experience that aids visitors by shortlisting homes that meet their needs. The kiosk allows customers to search for homes of interest by a number of criteria; the number of bedrooms, builder, frontage, carport spaces, and more. The criteria are can be customised at will.

As a result, the outdoor wayfinding kiosk fulfills the twin objectives of helping clients navigate the village and eliminate time-wasting. 


The Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosk Journey

Another feature enables VR tours of the homes so potential customers can decide whether its right for them. As a result, the kiosk then maps out and recommends a journey through the display village.

The same kiosk also operates facial detection software which can be used to activate the experience and throw aspirational images up onto the screen.

The data builds into a broader platform through measurement of interaction with the technology and Wi-Fi signals provide additional data such as heat mapping and recognition of repeat visitors.  The data is used to optimise the customer experience and plan future display villages such the flagship LED display at Yarrabilba.


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