3D Virtual Reality House Tour – Matterport

More than just a 3D Virtual Reality house tour, we integrate VR scans using Matterport © into interactive experiences. This  enables improved context for immersive engagement with builder’s homes.

Check out the above sample scan of $5m home in Vaucluse, Sydney. 

The process to create a 3D Virtual Reality house tour involves the use of a 360 Degree camera which takes a number of images at various locations in the property or venue. A URL is creates, which can be embedded in websites or social media platforms. The ability to annotate the tour with multi-media enhances the effectiveness of communication. 

Who can view a 3D Virtual Reality House Tour?

Once the whole set of images is stitched together, it creates a 3D model which is known as ‘a dollhouse’. Users will have the option of using Google Cardboard, a VR PC headset or a standalone Oculus device to watch a walkthrough tour of the building without needing to leave their home. 

Users with a flat screen, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone can still take the 360 tour, but the experience will not be in 3D. The beauty of the system is that the 3D VIrtual Reality House Tour allows users to explore the premises virtually by grabbing onto anchor points and clicking their VR hand controller or their mouse.

Users can also rapidly share the tour through mainstream social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and good old fashioned email. People do not usually buy homes without the opinion of others, so this is a great tool to make the whole decision making process easier.  

The technology also allows people to drill down into other specifics, such as floor plan. This is basically a top-down image of the property.

Another very useful tool is the ability to draw out markers within the 3D experience so users can measure the distance between point A and point B within the property.

VR tours are a great way to attract people to view properties without them needing to rush away from work to get to physical viewings.


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