7Eleven Background Music & Messaging

Retail radio typically consists of background music and messaging. Of note, Ben Silla, co-founder of Habitat Digital, began curating background music 20 years ago. Ben has produced retail radio programs for some of Australia’s largest and well known retail brands including Woolworths, Target and many more. 

Our inspiration

We get our inspiration from terrestrial radio stations. Above all, it is a medium that is skilled at creating personality through audio. This is achieved through the choice of music, the sounds/stings, personality of the DJ’s and content in general.

Slurpee Promotional Messaging

Male Teens that consume Slurpees drives much of 7Eleven profits.  Most importantly, attention is drawn to the message by the school bell ring. Consequently, for schoolboys it’s the sound of celebration. The ad is full of sound effects. The backing song is from the 7 Eleven ad campaign. The Slurpee ad can be reviewed at the 58-second mark.

Furthermore, this recording is a sample vignette of 7Eleven Background Music & Messaging radio that we put together for a pitch.

We also produce soundtracks which we call soundscape for background music to suit individual client needs.

Other projects

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