Brand animation – KFC

KFC had recently launched a customer mobile app and wished to create awareness of it instore through brand animation. The animation was produced to support the communication objective. The call to action was to download the KFC App.

We’ve created a lot of animations for hospitality and QSR. One of our favourites at Habitat Digital is the Goobne Sharknado animation.

What else did we do? 

KFC wanted to understand whether there was benefit in investing in audiovisual technology to improve customer engagement and in-store atmosphere.

Therefore we installed digital signage and detection software. Furthermore we assessed the effectiveness of paper posters versus digital signage.

Due to the insights obtained, KFC’s strategy was reinforced. Habitat Digital also curated a channel of content to play on two digital signage screens. The content playlist included feeds from KFC’s Facebook page. It filtered unwanted content and positive content was published. 

Our private tweet platform

We have a proprietary Twitter-like platform that ingests RSS feeds. It then allows admin to review before publishing and in addition has keyword filtering. This means that only feeds containing appropriate content are published.



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