Motion graphics for large format display

Automall West was awarded best installation at the Inavate APAC awards 2022 and is a finalist for the Global awards.

From the automotive industry perspective, this project was markedly different to the standard car showroom fit out. For a start, it wasn’t a car showroom as such but a series of showrooms within the larger context of an automotive shopping mall. The mall itself needed a sense of place and identity with the ability to draw shopper interest and patronage. While the individual showrooms within it, just like retailers in normal shopping malls, needed the means to attract shoppers from the concourse promenade into their selling areas. In order to encourage patronage, the centre need the power to regularly refresh its presentation. Whereas dealerships needed to attract foot traffic within their sales areas with displays that warranted closer investigation. A variety of display technology was required.

The intended customer experience (CX) was also to define the technical blueprint in other ways, making the project different to others in our industry as well. For unlike a typical AV installation where audio and visual is considered later in the process, Automall West flipped this around to make audio and visual central to the concept from the outset.

This meant that to create a relaxing environment and the desired transformative experience within the centre, a stereo audio channel playing a nature soundscape dominantly in the forecourt would later fuse seamlessly with individual sophisticated soundtracks in the dealerships.  This transformative use of biophilic sound and vision we believe is truly unique in retail. Bespoke visuals that command the space via imposing LED displays are actually playing a support role to a soundscape subtly operating at a deeper level.

So yes, Automall West is different, both philosophically and technically. And more power to it for having the courage!

See the Automall West fly-through and project detail.


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