Mosaic Video Wall – Goobne

Expertise is required to create animations for an asymmetrical, mosaic video wall. In the production of content for this unique video wall, it was really important to factor the surrounding environment at Goobne in Darling Harbour.

The monitors are mounted in an open frame at the entrance of the restaurant.

There are large gaps between the screens which means the content has to be carefully considered or produced. Furthermore what is occurring ‘between the gaps’ has to be factored into the equation.

Producing and procuring content for the Mosaic Video Wall

The ambient content fills the picture.

The result is the viewer gets a sense of what the image is. It’s enticing, inviting and piquest curiosity while driving home the unique menu and Goobne experience 

Content switches between treating the  wall as a total (and singular) canvas and as 8 distinct screens.

The screens are various sizes and oriented both in landscape and portrait. Although possible, no screen was mounted obliquely.

A Mosaic Video Wall project with an additional challenge

A great challenge in this project was the budget. So we delivered a low-cost solution. Best value hardware and software were used.

A minimum 4K content was required so we built a custom media player with a mid-range graphics card.

Furthermore, we used the appropriate hardware/software to map the screens.

Our creative team needed to position the XY coordinates of the various screens so we created a design template.

Given that Goobne is a new brand in the Australian market, we really wanted to focus on brand reinforcement while conveying the brand personality.

Goobne further engaged the services of Habitat Digital’s Design, Animation and music programming departments. We created an entire contemporary Korean themed restaurant sourcing KPop, Karaoke and ‘food porn’ imagery. The tempo is upbeat, the brand ‘wacky’ and the food indulgent.  

We produced a wacky Sharknado animation for their signature cocktail, the Goobne logo animation as well as their digital signage animation.

Our Music Programming Department also did an excellent job in creating a curated music atmosphere with video focusing solely on K-Pop. 


Considering a Mosaic Video Wall?

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