Hogs Breath Café and creating a fun Habitat


Hogs Breath Cafés is an exciting brand to work with and it has a very defined image. The brand and the restaurants are fun and music and video are an integral part of the experience. Hogs wanted to improve the customer experience for functions in particular.


The music supplied met a very specific brief; familiar up-tempo music from any era that becomes more ‘party’ in the evening. A second video channel of sports videos was supplied.
We used Media Impact, as system which has a very strong scheduling capability and supplied it with a bespoke management console. The console enables staff to change the style of music to suit prevailing conditions.
Staff use shoalFish for instant messaging, sending images/text via their phones to the screen on the background of a Hogs template.


Hogs are able to create the optimal atmosphere for their customers to suit conditions. shoalFish is particularly useful for birthday parties. Using a phone, staff take a photo, insert the photo on a Hogs template, write a personal message and then publish it to the screens all while Happy Birthday plays. It personalises the experience and reinforces brand values.