Lendlease Yarrabilba Outdoor LED


Lendlease Yarrabilba in South East Queensland is the state’s largest development project. Creating a community with 60,000 new residents requires an extra effort to sell house and land packages as well as build a new community.


In a park adjacent to the sales office we created a “smart” outdoor entertainment and education centre consisting of LED screen, sound system with Foxtel, media player and Apple TV attached. It also features a secure roller shutter programmed to open/close during hours of operation. Our engineers did the structural design and certifications and we project managed the build including civil works, steel fabrication, structure assembly and AV integration.


Before the prospect enters the office, music creates the right atmosphere in the park while the videos and images are effective selling tools. On balmy evenings, movies play and the light sensitive screen automatically adjusts, providing an enchanting entertainment experience for the local community.